SOULGOODS x Jordan Air Ship

This time, the two parties used the Jordan Air Ship as the design blueprint. The classicness is self-evident, coupled with the concept of SOULGOODS joint shoes: “From Beijing to the World.”

As a leader in the development of street culture, Jordan Brand tied Air Ship to the “God of Basketball” Michael Jordan forty years ago. Drawing inspiration from Beijing’s street culture, the entire pair of shoes features a very unique combination of gray and brown tones. The overall color tone is very suitable for the current season. While low-key and versatile, this color combination is also very personalized.

Next, we need to focus on the materials used in the entire pair of shoes. As a pair of Air Ship, it can be said to be quite luxurious. After all, the Air Ships that have appeared before are almost all made of leather, and the SOULGOODS co-branded large-area long-haired suede leather has a more outstanding texture. The brown mesh material at the toe is inspired by basketball vests, and the application of suede is also reminiscent of a basketball that has experienced long-term wear and tear. The design ingenuity is reflected in many details of the shoe body. The SOULGOODS tiger head logo and leather hangtag are embossed on the side to highlight the identity, and the number 5 is embellished on the heel. While embodying the concept of “player exclusive”, it also pays tribute to China’s first basketball-themed movie “Women’s Basketball No. 5”. It can be said that the entire pair of shoes explains a lot about basketball and the design of basketball itself. The lining part displays the words “Prove Yourself” in a special font, which can be regarded as a hidden detail. The classic outsole texture is believed to be the belief of us sneaker players for so many years.

Such a pair of sneakers suitable for the current season. The overall brown main tone is versatile and eye-catching, and with the embellished gray tones, it will look good on your feet in autumn and winter. We mentioned earlier that the entire pair of shoes uses an 8-hole design, but in comparison, the height of the upper is almost the same as that of Air Jordan 1. Therefore, it can be said that the feeling of the upper after putting it on is no different from that of Air Jordan 1. However, this collaboration uses leather insoles, which are softer and more delicate to the touch. In summary, this pair of shoes has enough co-branding gimmicks, the materials are solid and exquisite, the appearance is unique and versatile, and the detailed design is also thoughtful. The replica Jordan shoes are really an opportunity for everyone to get them first. Follow us now!

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