Air Jordan 2 WMNS Sail Black

Among the huge family of Air Jordans, the one that has received the most attention in the past two years must be the Air Jordan 2.

Whether it’s blockbuster collaborations or eye-catching color combinations, there are endless releases. Although the market price is relatively low, there is nothing wrong with the appearance and texture. A pair of new color matching Air Jordan 2 has been exposed, and the looks are also good. The entire pair of shoes is mainly white, supplemented by black embellishments, showing a visual effect similar to a “panda”. The shoe body is wrapped in full leather, and snake-print fabric is added to the sides. The texture is quite online, which is in line with Air Jordan 2’s usual approach. In terms of details, it is still the traditional flying wing logo, expressing the most iconic lineage. Put on the replica Jordan 2, walking on the busy street, it will definitely be the focus.

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