Nike Air Force 1 Low LX

Among Nike’s many shoes, Air Force 1 definitely has its own place. Whether it is a joint name or a bright color scheme, it is quite popular. The quality of the replica Air Force One is exactly the same as the original. Because of its cheap price, it is liked by many people.

A pair of new color matching Nike Air Force 1 Low LX has been exposed. The entire pair of shoes is mainly black, supplemented by flesh pink embellishments. The visual effect is low-key but exudes a sense of freshness, which is very unique. The shoe body is wrapped in canvas and nubuck leather, which has both texture and street attributes. In terms of matching, thanks to the versatile nature of Air Force 1, you can’t go wrong no matter what you wear. Personally, I recommend jeans or sweatpants to restore the most classic look.

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