SoleFly x Air Jordan 8 sale in store

The countdown to 2023 is two months away, but there are still many sneakers that have not yet appeared this year. As far as Jordan is concerned, the SoleFly x Air Jordan 8 is definitely one of them. The design inspiration of both parties comes from cigars, and the special wooden box version directly fills the specifications. In terms of color matching, the upper is light-toned, using a combination of white and gold, and the lining is red.
The embellishment of golden shoelace buckles adds a sense of luxury. The shoe body is wrapped in suede and mesh fabric, which not only ensures texture, but also restores the heavy feel of Air Jordan 8. In terms of details, in addition to the most classic design elements, the words on the left foot strap have been replaced with “SF” to highlight the joint identity. This pair of replica Jordan 8 should be out soon, you can follow our information and you can get cheap and affordable shoes.

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